Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction, Accent Softening, Elocution and RP (Received Pronunciation) is British English Pronunciation in the British English accent, a process of learning the library of sounds, rhythms and melody attached to the British English accent to enable the speaker to speak more clearly and more naturally when speaking with a British English accent.



Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction


An accent can consist of a kaleidoscope of sounds, audio colours and intonating rhythms.


It could be referred to as a biological ‘audioscape’ of one’s background, a kind of audio sonic character profile!


An accent can be defined as an audible identity of who we really are.


An audio signature – a soundscape – an extension of our character; beautifully portrayed to the world in a plethora of ‘sound colours’, rhythms and verbal intricacies.



Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction



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The English Accent Tutor

The English Accent Tutor was featured in an exclusive French Parisian magazine “Society” in 2021, discussing ‘Accent Reduction’ ‘Accent Softening’ ‘Elocution Lessons’ and ‘Received Pronunciation’ in the ‘British English Accent’.







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The English Accent Tutor

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