Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction, Accent Softening, Elocution and RP (Received Pronunciation) is British English Pronunciation in the British English accent, a process of learning the library of sounds, rhythms and melody attached to the British English accent to enable the speaker to speak more clearly and more naturally when speaking with a British English accent.


Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction

An accent can consist of a kaleidoscope of sounds, audio colours and intonating rhythms.

It could be referred to as a biological ‘audioscape’ of one’s background, a kind of audio sonic character profile!

An accent can be defined as an audible identity of who we really are.

An audio signature – a soundscape – an extension of our character; beautifully portrayed to the world in a plethora of ‘sound colours’, rhythms and verbal intricacies.


Accent Reduction
Accent Reduction


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