The Chinese Accent

If you have a strong Chinese Accent when speaking English, you can improve your Chinese English accent, reduce, soften and improve your Chinese Accent in English, with accent reduction lessons online and accent softening classes online to improve your English speaking skills, to speak clearly in English.

Is your Chinese accent holding you back?

Is your Chinese accent standing in the way of your career goals?

Is your Chinese accent stopping you from getting to where you really want to be?

Would you like to change your Chinese accent?


The Chinese Accent
The Chinese Accent

You can hear the Chinese accent everywhere!

In all the superb tasty Chinese restaurants around the world! In the Chinese movies!  In the Chinese music!

Echoing throughout the land of China; from the Pacific Ocean in the east, right across to the awe-inspiring Himalaya mountains in the west, you can hear the echoes of the Chinese accent; the sound waves spread across the land, echoing in the sprawling megacities of Shanghai and Beijing, up to the breath-taking Gobi desert in the north, throughout the country, you will hear the sounds of the Chinese accent.


The English Accent Tutor
The English Accent Tutor

The Chinese accent has a very distinctive sound: it’s unique: instantly recognisable!

And just like the way Chinese people like to cook food, “fast-cooking style”, the Chinese accent can also be fast!

It’s the Rhythm of the Chinese People.

It’s the Voice of the Chinese culture.

It’s the Sound of China.

But, having said that, it’s important not to forget, there are some very strong Chinese accents. A strong Chinese accent can interfere with the line of communication when speaking English. Reducing and softening a strong Chinese accent, can help you to improve your speaking skills.


Remember, Speaking is a Skill.

And remember, your Voice is 50% of who you are!


Speaking is a Skill
Speaking is a Skill

Would you like to change your Chinese accent?

Your Voice is 50 percent of Who You Are!
Your Voice is 50 percent of Who You Are!



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