The Scottish Accent

Is your Scottish accent holding you back?

Is your Scottish accent standing in the way of your career goals?

Is your Scottish accent stopping you from getting to where you really want to be?

Would you like to change your Scottish accent?

The Scottish Accent
The Scottish Accent


You can hear the beauty of Scotland in the Scottish accent:

From the euphoric highs of the stunning highlands right down to the abysmal lows of the beautiful valleys, the sounds personify the land.

Just like the highs and lows of the mesmerising scenery, the Scottish accent has an organic beauty!

It moves like the rivers!

It flows with an honesty!

It sounds like a friend!


Speaking is a Skill
Speaking is a Skill

The Scottish accent has a soulful warmth about it that draws you in …. just like a warm whisky on a Winter’s night.

It’s full of welcoming tones, ….. oozes with character!

It’s …. “the Voice of the Culture”.

It’s …. “the Rhythm of the People”.

It’s …. “the Sound of Scotland”.


The English Accent Tutor
The English Accent Tutor


It’s one of the most famous accents in the world; internationally recognisable; quintessentially British. Having been introduced to the world in 1962, the voice of Sean Connery playing James Bond carries the Scottish accent to the four corners of the world. The accent is now global; worldwide; world-renowned! James Bond 007.

But, having said that, it’s important not to forget, there are some very strong Scottish accents. A strong Scottish accent can interfere with the line of communication when speaking English. Reducing and softening a strong Scottish accent, can help you to improve your speaking skills.

Remember, Speaking is a Skill.

And remember, your Voice is 50% of who you are!

Speaking is a Skill
Speaking is a Skill


Would you like to change your Scottish accent?


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