Can you Fall in Love with a Voice?

Can you fall in love with a voice?

Can you Fall in Love with a Voice?

 NO! …. NOT THAT kind of voice – I’m not talking about SINGING?

Yeah!  We all love our ‘Whitneys’, ‘Adeles’ and ‘Arianas’.


NO! …. I mean, SPEAKING, … you know, … an actual  SPEAKING VOICE!


Here’s the thing:

You’re on the phone – no visuals.

… just listening,

 . . . . . listening to that super kaleidoscope of sounds resonating down the phone line; the colourful mesmerising undertones doing a mashup with the pounding, pulsating intonating rhythms . . . . . . the wizzing waves of words come whistling down the electro lines.

A biological ‘audioscape’ of one’s background.

“An Audio-Sonic Character Profile.”


Can you Fall in Love with a Voice?


‘Well, it kinda happened to me recently… took me completely by surprise’.

I fell ‘Head over Heels in Love’ with the soundwaves!

 Here’s the snapshot:

There I was, wandering around this computer event …. and someone passed me by,  brushed past me, like a whisper in the night,  …. a total stranger …. 


….. and then I heard it …….  That  Sound ! ! !


It knocked me for six! …. IT STOPPED ME IN MY TRACKS! 

… Motionless!

I was caught totally unawares – in a whirlwind of confusion.

I was torn between the heat of the moment and the closeness of reality.


Caught up in an emotional frenzy.

A Dizzy Daydream.

I was here, there and everywhere.


It was a perfect sound! …. a perfect moment! …. a perfect day!


Can you Fall in Love with a Voice?


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