The Japanese Accent

Is your Japanese accent holding you back?

Is your Japanese accent standing in the way of your career goals?

Is your Japanese accent stopping you from getting to where you really want to be?

Would you like to change your Japanese accent?


The Japanese Accent
The Japanese Accent


You can hear the Japanese accent everywhere you go in Japan!


In the sprawling megacity of Tokyo and throughout the country, including the 6852 islands of Japan, the Japanese language is spoken by about 128 million people, ……. and the Japanese accent rings out far and wide across the land!


The Japanese accent has very few sounds compared to English: it has only about half the sounds of English.


And just like the famous high-speed “bullet trains” of Japan, the Japanese accent has quite a fast rhythm!

Just like a traditional Japanese singer, the Japanese accent has a music; it has a melody; a unique sound: it’s instantly recognisable!


It’s the Rhythm of the Japanese People.

It’s the Sound of the Japanese culture.

It’s the Voice of Japan.


But, having said that, it’s important not to forget, there are some very strong Japanese accents. A strong Japanese accent can interfere with the line of communication when speaking English. Reducing and softening a strong Japanese accent, can help you to improve your speaking skills.


Remember, Speaking is a Skill.

And remember, your Voice is 50 percent of who you are!


Speaking is a Skill
Speaking is a Skill

Would you like to change your Japanese accent?


The English Accent Tutor
The English Accent Tutor



Don’t let your strong accent become your biggest weakness!


A Strong Accent is your Biggest Weakness!





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