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If you have a strong Russian Accent when speaking English, you can improve your Russian English accent, reduce, soften and improve your Russian Accent in English, with accent reduction lessons online and accent softening classes online to improve your English speaking skills, to speak clearly in English.





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Is your Russian accent holding you back?

Is your Russian accent standing in the way of your career goals?

Is your Russian accent stopping you from getting to where you really want to be?

Would you like to change your Russian accent?


Your voice is 50% of who you are!Your voice is 50% of who you are!

You can hear the Russian accent everywhere!

From the urban powerhouse of Moscow right across to the bright city lights of St. Petersburg, you will hear the echoes of the Russian accent; it spreads throughout the land with a silent sincerity.

The Russian people speak with a silent sincerity. Their smile is inviting. The words shoot you in the heart with a passion. The rhythm captures you with a yearning belonging!

The soulfulness draws you in with an organic magnetism!

It has a  soulfulness that lingers ….. and lingers! ……


Just like an expensive glass of vodka: it’s pure, it’s inviting, it’s warm:

Full of soulfulness!

With friendly tones!

Across from the euphoric highs of the Ural mountains, to the abysmal lows of the West Siberian Plain, it flows and flows like the great meandering Volga river, in the world’s largest expanse of land: the country of Russia.

Russian is the official language of four countries, which are …..

Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

The Russian accent is the verbal signature of the land!

It symbolises Russia!

It’s the sound of the Russian people.

Just like drinking a smooth vodka on a cold winter’s night ….. it’s inviting!

Just like the whiteness of snow …… it’s pure!

And just like the Russian people …… it’s warm!


It’s inspiring!


It has the rhythm of a dancing Russian doll.

It has the sounds of a Russian opera.

It has the music of a sad violin.


In a kind of way, it inspires you just like the great Russian writers of Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky and the incredibly talented artists that all hail from their homeland of Russia.

Like the Siberian wind, it carries you with an expressive emotion!

But, having said that, it’s important not to forget, there are some very strong Russian accents. A strong Russian accent can interfere with the line of communication when speaking English. Reducing and softening a strong Russian accent can help you to improve your speaking skills, so that you can be better understood and speak more clearly when speaking English.

Remember, Speaking is a Skill.

And remember, your Voice is 50% of who you are!


Your voice is 50% of who you are!Your voice is 50% of who you are!


Would you like to change your Russian accent?


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