The Polish Accent

Is your Polish accent holding you back?

Is your Polish accent standing in the way of your career goals?

Is your Polish accent stopping you from getting to where you really want to be?

Would you like to change your Polish accent?


Your voice is 50% of who you are!
Your voice is 50% of who you are!

The Polish accent has a kaleidoscope of sounds!


It has a  soulfulness that lingers and lingers: it carries the spirit of the Polish people, with its unique array of sounds and warmful expressions.

Like a traditional Polish folk dancer, it’s colourful.

It radiates a feeling of honesty; the soulfulness draws you in with an organic magnetism!

The words shoot you in the heart with a passion!

You can hear the Polish accent throughout the world in many different countries!

It is also spoken as a second language in other countries, which are ….

northern Czech Republic, eastern Germany, Slovakia, western Belarus, Ukraine, southeast Lithuania and Latvia.

The Polish accent has a magical musical intonation!

Soaring high like a rising violin, falling low like a deep-sounding cello, with the energy of a Polish rock band and the rhythm of an electric rock guitar, it’s full of character! The rhythm captures you with a yearning belonging!

But, having said that, it’s important not to forget, there are some very strong Polish accents. A strong Polish accent can interfere with the line of communication when speaking English. Reducing and softening a strong Polish accent, can help you to improve your speaking skills.


Remember, Speaking is a Skill.

And remember, your Voice is 50% of who you are!


Your voice is 50% of who you are!
Your voice is 50% of who you are!


Would you like to change your Polish accent?


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